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Academic Objectives
The department has set up the following goals in coordination with the needs of national development plan and the development of the technical profession educational system:
  1. To provide theoretical and practical courses on Marketing, Human Resources, Production and Financial Management.
  2. To cultivate student's independent thinking and problem-solving ability, professional ethics and the spirit of service.
  3. To provide practical trainings for middle and high levels of managers and shop keepers of retailing business.
  4. Aim to become top-notched department and graduate school of business administration matches the needs of business development.
  5. The overall objective is to become top ten among all private technical professional universities.
Focus on practical causes.
  1. Strengthen languages and computer skills.
  2. Emphasizes academics and industry's cooperation.
  3. Full-fledged professional classrooms.
  4. Refined courses planning.
  5. To promote cross departments courses.
  6. Strengthens internal cultural exchange and dual academic programs with sister schools.
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